An actual-play podcast of Paizo's Stolen Fate Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition.

Cards from a powerful Harrow deck have been scattered across Golarion, threatening the very balance of destiny. A group of unlikely heroes, each bearing a single powerful harrow card, must unite to restore the legendary deck, or risk unravelling reality itself.

Join the incredible cast of Describe Your Kill in our premiere show; episodes will be released every Wednesday.

Describe Your Kill is an actual-play TTRPG Gaming Podcast that unlocks the magic of immersive collaborative storytelling through captivating live action role-playing games.

Our style is focused on deep characters, rich plots and loads of laughs, bridging the gap between gamers and non-gamer listeners, as we venture together into the realms of imagination.

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Episode 37: Deth Becomes Her

Aeron is dying, and hit points are low. Can our heroes drag themselves from the jaws of defeat and secure an audience with Arodeth?


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Meet the Crew

Our TTRPG adventures began in unprecedented circumstances during the lockdowns of 2020. United by a passion for gaming in all its forms, and driven by an excitement to tell incredible stories with brilliant characters, this is our story of how it all began.


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